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Free app boosts iPhone net speed and privacy!

There is a new app out that is said to speed up the internet on your iPhone AND increase privacy. The best part, it is free! Check out Cloudflare’s app.

via Cult of Mac:

We humans like names, but computers prefer numbers. So when you enter a domain name like into your web browser it gets changed into an IP address, in this case

Changing names into numbers is the job of a Domaign Name Server. And this step slows down your browsing if the DNS server you use isn’t speedy.

Just as bad, your default DNS server is run by your ISP, who tracks all the websites you go to and sells this information to advertisers.

Mac and iPad users can easily swap to a faster, more secure one. We have a set of instructions on how.

But it’s nigh impossible to change the DNS server of an iPhone’s cellular connection. That’s where Cloudflare’s app comes in.

Benefits of the Cloudflare app

The application from Cloudflare brings access to its quick, private DNS server to iPhone users. All that’s necessary is to install the free app.

“We are making it easier for everyone to make their experience when they use the Internet more private. People should not have to pay to have a more private Internet,” the company said in a statement.

Cloudflare is committed to not tracking users. It hired KPMG to audit its practices annually to confirm that it’s not selling user information.

The app requires running a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the phone. These are more secure, but sometimes slow down internet access. Cloudflare promises this won’t happen with its software.

This iOS software is available now on the App Store. It’s free to download and use.

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